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Put time on your side with the help of Arginine - Get more out of your workouts and slow the aging process

by:  Greg Pryor

We live in a crazy fast-forward time.As the cell phone commercial says, with the speed everything moves these days, “that’s so 20-seconds ago.” Each of us has to move faster to just keep up and pack more into everyday.

 Time is limited

Sometimes, to use a baseball phrase,things get “benched” because of the lack of time to get the job done. For most of us earning money takes precedence. In these economic times, we have to work even harder now. Time we could spend focusing on things like health, exercise and our well-being often take a back seat. So when we do have time to work out (and each of us should try to find time each day to do this - for ideas, see some of the other articles in this section of KC Sports & Fitness) we want to get the most out of what we do. In 1994, after much research, I began working with Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw, authors of best-seller Life Extension: A Practical Scientific Approach (1982). I also began representing their designer-food formulas through my company Life Priority. I continue to educate myself and inform others on the options available to help each of us feel healthier, stronger, more focused and more energetic. One product I learned about and use is called Muscle Memory. It contains an amino acid called Arginine. Amino acids are used in every cell of our bodies and build the proteins each of us needs to survive. We can increase the production of Arginine through nutritional supplements, diet and exercise. It can be found naturally in vegetables, garlic, green tea, meats, grains and fish. The benefits include:

 • Helps lower cholesterol

• Helps lower blood pressure

• Stimulates blood flow

• Stimulates cerebral circulation

• Promotes optimum growth

• Helps to reduce body fat and increase lean muscle mass

• Assists the body in collagen production

• Assists in the release of growth hormones

• Enhances immune system function

• Inhibits cellular replication of tumors

• Improves rate of wound healing

• Increases sperm count in males

• Aids in liver detoxification

 Arginine helps us build Nitric Oxide (NO), a molecule naturally found in the body. One of the effects Nitric Oxide is increasing blood flow in our bodies by dilating blood vessel, so when you increase NO, more blood enters the muscles during workouts. And when you increase your heartbeat through exercise you stimulate more production of NO. It’s a win-win and you get more benefit in the time you spend working out. 

Time Flies

 Some mornings I wake up and think “I can’t wait to get to the ballpark. I wonder if I’ll be starting today?” Then I realize time has passed. Actually it’s flown by. And after a bit I realize I don’t quite have what I had when I took the field with the Royals. This, of course, is due to the natural process of aging. As time goes by, our hormone levels drop. Growth Hormone (GH) is the most important hormone produced in our body. And yes, guys, it is even more important than testosterone. GH stimulates growth, cell reproduction and regeneration. But after the age of 20 it starts dropping at a rate of up to 14 percent per decade. By 60 we’re trickling out GH at about a quarter of the levels we had when we were at our peak...and it shows...n the following ways:

 • Sagging skin

• Thinning bones

• Loss of muscle strength

• Accumulation of fat

• Diminished immune response

• Thinning hair

Loss of sexual desire or function

Decreased stamina or vigor. 

Not a pretty picture, is it? The good news is declines are not permanent, nor irreversible. There are positive things you can do today to fight time and raise your GH levels. Expensive solutions including injections and over-the-counter products are possible solutions, but the alternative is to “encourage” your body to produce more GH naturally.g Pryor5 World Series Champ

Don’t let your resolutions fall by the wayside

If you started a new workout regimen in January, you’re probably starting to see some of the benefits from your daily or weekly work outs. However, you might start seeing some of the down side to them as well. If you are doing the same workout every time, you could be risking an overuse injury by working the same muscles every time. Often you get set in a routine of the same work out pattern and don’t realize you could be missing some areas that need regular work out as well. Be sure to vary your work out plans so that some days you are working on one area of your body and the next time you are working out a whole other area. Not only will this help you to not become bored with the routine, this prevents overuse injury in addition to allowing the muscles to recover in between the days of working out. Some things to keep in mind that encourages progress and will help you sustain the drive to workout are:

Have a plan and a goal. You should have a goal in mind of what do you want to achieve with your work out. Are you trying to lose weight or are you trying to tone up? When creating your workout plan, be sure it’s balanced. Begin slowly and gradually build up in intensity. This alone will help prevent unwanted injuries.

Eat healthy. Creating healthy menus and choosing healthy foods reinforces the healthy lifestyle you are trying to create. The correct foods can assist in attaining your goals and help you be energized through your workout.

Freshen up your music play lists. If you are using a mp3 player, make sure you swap out the play lists and keep it fresh with new upbeat tunes.

Try a class at the gym to switch things up and meet new workout friends.

Making friends or including friends on your journey will help hold one accountable. The support is helpful, too.

Buy a new workout outfit or tennis shoes to wear to the gym. New athletic shoes or gear has a positive effect on how you feel about yourself and what you are accomplishing. Stretch before beginning your workout and include cool down time at the end. If you have continued with your workout plan, great job and keep it up. If you have already fallen off the wagon, try one of the above suggestions to get back on track. Remember to keep the workout varied and hold yourself accountable and you will see your goals succeed.

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