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NCAA Men's College Basketball Champsionship Game


KANSAS VS. KENTUCY - NCAA College Basketball Championship Game

Louisville fought hard against Kentucky but came up short in the end.  Louisville Cardinals were the underdog in this match up, but their NCAA college basketball team made sure that Kentucky had to work for this victory.  The Louisville Cardinals college basketball team was able to tie the game 49 all with a little over 9 minutes left in the game.  Louisville was not about to concede and took this game down to the last few minutes.  Kidd-Gilchrist of the Kentucky Wildcats NCAA college basketball team was able to make a layup with a little over 8 minutes left in the game and the Kentucky Wildcats kept the lead the rest of the game defeating the Louisville Cardinals NCAA college basketball team 69-61 in New Orleans. The emotion of both the Kentucky Wildcats and the Louisville Cardinals was apparent throughout the entire game.  A very emotional Anthony Davis of the Kentucky Wildcats was able to wind the clock down to zero by dribbling to victory.  

Monday, April 2, 2012 will be the eleventh time that the Kentucky Wildcats have made it to the “Big Game”.  This NCAA basketball team has won 7 National Championships and hopes to win their 8th on Monday, April 2, 2012.  The Kentucky Wildcats College Basketball Team and coach, John Calipari is fully aware that their college basketball team will have to play harder and stronger than they did against Louisville in order to defeat the Kansas Jayhawks college basketball team.  

The Kentucky Wildcats vs. the Louisville Cardinals was set to be the action of this 2012 NCAA Final Four, but anyone watching these two games can attest to the Kansas Jayhawks NCAA college basketball team vs. the Ohio State NCAA college basketball team game being a nail biting, sit on the edge of your seat, screaming and yelling basketball game.  The Kentucky Wildcats and. the Louisville Cardinals may be huge rivals but the second game of the night between Kansas and Ohio State was a back and forth brawl.  Hawkaholics are happy to report that their Kansas Jayhawks NCAA college basketball team defeated Ohio State by 2 points in a 64-62 victory.  This game was full of excitement, motivation, drive, and skill.  This was supposed to be a year that the Kansas Jayhawks were rebuilding their team and Hawkaholics are proud to say that rebuilding obviously works because they are now in the Championship Game.  The Kansas Jayhawks were not expected to get this far by most critics, but Hawkaholics knew they could do it.  The “Big Game” on Monday, April 2, 2012 will be the Jayhawks NCAA college basketball teams 2nd attempt in the last five years. 

What to expect in the NCAA college basketball Championship Game:

From the past Hawkaholics know that their Jayhawks basketball team was able to beat Memphis in 2008.  Hawkaholics watched their Jayhawks fight in an overtime battle to finally come out with the victory over Memphis.  Hawkaholics and their Jayhawks are fully aware that the Kentucky Wildcats will bring their best game and make this battle a difficult one for the Jayhawks basketball team.  Kentucky has been to the Championship Game 7 times.  Anthony Davis of the Kentucky Wildcats is not a player that the Jayhawks can squeak by.   This 6’10 center is considered the best talent the Kansas Jayhawks will face during the entire March Madness NCAA 2012 College Basketball Tournament.  Anthony Davis seems to be able to handle the pressure to stay calm and focused plus he is not the Kentucky Wildcats only tool. 

The Kansas Jayhawks on the other hand are not new to making it to the Final Four or to the championship Game.  They have won the “Big Game” five times already.  Hawkaholics know that the Jayhawks forward Thomas Robinson can make things happen and with the help of their 7 foot inside man Jeff Withey that is able to block and rebound they are more than capable of defeating the Kentucky Wildcats.  Many critics would disagree but Hawkaholics believe in their Jayhawks.  The Kansas Jayhawks NCAA college basketball team’s coach, Bill Self, has been able to take this Jayhawks team farther than anyone thought they would get.  Many people consider Bill Self the coach of the year because he has been able to take what was called a “rebuilding year” and turn it into a team making it to the NCAA college basketball championship game.  That is what Hawkaholics consider success.  The Jayhawks have been a powerhouse for many years and this year were not expected to do so well.  The Jayhawks have been able to come back in games that nearly no one thought they could win.  Ask a Hawkaholic.  Hawkaholics will tell anyone they have a great come back team so watch out when you think you have the game won because here come the Jayhawks. 

So what is expected in this championship game between Kansas and Kentucky?  It is hard to tell.  This 2012 NCAA college basketball tournament has shown defeats that no one thought would happen.  The unexpected seems to happen during March Madness so if you are making a prediction watch out because it may not happen the way you think it will.   The Jayhawks and the Wildcats do not get the opportunity to play one night and then try again the next.  This is not like the World Series where you get to play several games to show your talent.  This is due or die time in one single game.  Go ahead and make your prediction but hold on to your seat because here comes the Jayhawks NCAA college basketball team and the Kentucky Wildcats NCAA college basketball team.  Both teams are ready to fight to the finish.   

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