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Elite 8: Hawkaholics are Ecstatic


 Hawkaholics are ready for another victory: 

Hawkaholics were glued to their televisions, sitting in the stands, and crowding around bar screens as the Kansas Jayhawks college basketball team took on North Carolina State’s college basketball team Friday night, March 23, 2012.  Hawkaholics are happy that their Jayhawks basketball team walked away with a victory in a 60-57 battle to move on to the Elite 8.  With 15 rebounds and 18 points by Thomas Robinson and 10 shots being blocked by Jeff Withey, Hawkaholics saw their Jayhawks basketball team fight until the end.   North Carolina fought hard to defeat the Jayhawks, but Hawkaholics are proud to say that their Jayhawks stood their ground and got the “W”.  Now Hawkaholics are waiting in anticipation for their Jayhawks basketball team to face off against North Carolina’s college basketball team, who is coach by Kansas former coach, Roy Williams.  What an exciting basketball game this will be for Hawkaholics who would love to show Roy Williams just what their Jayhawks basketball team is capable of. 

Hawkaholics began to sweat as Kansas let their eight point lead fall in the last few minutes of the game.  Richard Howell was unable to score with his unbalanced shot at the buzzer that was short of the basket.  Bill Self seemed a little stressed out at the end of Friday nights basketball game realizing that the Jayhawks basketball team squeaked by.  But to Hawkaholics a win is a win and it’s time to go get another one.  March Madness is basketball at its finest with crazy things happening.  Hawkaholics never thought North Carolina State’s basketball team would pull to a 1 point different when C.J. Williams made a layup in a little over a minute left in the game.  With 13.5 seconds remaining in the game the Jayhawk’s Elijah Johnson made a layup.  The North Carolina Wolfpack basketball team was unable to make anything happen after stepping out of bounds trying to grab a high pass which gave the ball back to the Jayhawks.  Hawkaholics waited in shock as Robinson missed his free throw after being fouled, but How ll’s shot was not even close as he tried to make it happen for North Carolina State at the buzzer. 

Hawkaholics know it is hard to win a game when their point is having a rough game and their next leading scorer can only come up with 6 points while missing 6 3 point shots.  Hawkaholics watched their Jayhawks find a way to win.  It was not without Hawkaholic stress, Bill Self sweating it out, and the Jayhawks basketball players digging deep within to save face.  Hawkaholics know that with North Carolina States Leslie having foul trouble was a blessing.  Leslie was finally able to enter back into the basketball game with a little over 6 minutes left in the game and North Carolina State began to make things happen until Leslie got a cramp and had to be taken out.  The Kansas Jayhawks basketball team were able to take advantage of Leslie being out of the game and make things happen inside.  With a little more than 3 minutes remaining in the game Hawkaholics saw their Jayhawks basketball team go up by 8 points at 58-50.  The Jayhawks made Hawkaholics everywhere happy with their finish which will advance them to the regional finals. 

So it is on the Sunday March 25, 2012 when power house Kansas takes on power house North Carolina.  Hawkaholics know this will be a hard one, but are anxious to see their Jayhawks basketball team defeat North Carolina to make it to the Final Four.  This basketball battle will be held in St.  Louis, Missouri which is essentially home court advantage for the Jayhawks and their Hawkaholics.  The predictions are everywhere for this upcoming basketball game on Sunday.  Will it be the Kansas Jayhawks basketball team or the North Carolina basketball team who advances to the Final Four in New Orleans?  Hawkaholics believe it will be their Jayhawks basketball team.   

North Carolina’s basketball team has been a little shaky without Kendall Marshall.  It is still unknown if Kendall Marshall will be able to play in Sunday’s game against the Jayhawks basketball team, but Hawkaholics are wondering if Kendall Marshall would be a dominate factor since he had wrist surgery a week ago.  Even if Kendall Marshall is able to play Hawkaholics know their Kansas Jayhawks basketball team will bring on the defense and make the adjustments they need to make.   Hawkaholics know that the Jayhawks basketball team is more than able to control the 2 point shots by North Carolina’s college basketball team which will force them to have to shoot outside.  Rebounds will play a huge role in this basketball game and the Hawkaholics are fully aware the North Carolina knows how to control the ball to prevent turnovers.  The Heels are great at rebounds which makes it more difficult for the Jayhawks.  If Marshall is unable to play Hawkaholics believe turnovers could be key in this game since Marshall is so good at taking care of the ball.  The Heels basketball team has not taken care of the ball as well since Marshall has not been playing. 

The inside matchups in this basketball game will be strong.  Hawkaholics believe that if Robinson is able to cause havoc and draw the fouls that he generally draws then he will be able to force Henson or Zeller into trouble fouling.   Hawkaholics know that Zeller is great at drawing fouls himself so he could potentially gen Robinson into foul trouble.  Most predictions include Marshall playing in this intense basketball matchup and Hawkaholics are hoping that that he will have a hard time being effective.   Regardless of who is playing and who is not playing in this basketball game between top North Carolina and Kansas, Hawkaholics know their Jayhawks have the ability to move on to the final four taking this victory from North Carolina.

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