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Final Four 2012 - Hawkaholics can't wait



NCAA March Madness College Basketball Tournament has been exciting thus far and now there are only four teams remaining. Hawkaholics are excited that their Jayhawks defeated North Carolina on Sunday, March 25, 2012. It’s time for the Final Four college basketball teams to fight for the opportunity to play in the 2012 NCAA College Basketball National Championship. The NCAA College Basketball March Madness Tournament has been exciting. There have been a number of upsets, squeak by’s, and final buzzer shots and misses. Hawkaholics have watched their Kansas Jayhawks basketball team fight their way into the Final Four. What an exciting time for Hawkaholics.

Louisville Cardinals NCAA College Basketball Team: The Louisville Cardinals NCAA College Basketball Team beat Florida in a nail biter to make it to the Final Four. Most people would have never guessed that Louisville’s basketball team would be able to defeat Florida. Out of the four teams who made it to the Final Four the Cardinals were the most unlikely to get there. Nobody would have thought that the Florida Gators basketball team would miss their shots, go cold, and turn the ball over, but the Cardinals were able to overcome all the doubts of them being unable to beat Florida and come up with a victory. Louisville is now on a winning streak of 8 basketball games as they head to New Orleans. The Final Four College Basketball game between the Louisville Cardinals and the Kentucky Wildcats is set for this coming Saturday and is set to begin at 6:09 p.m. ET. The winner of this college basketball game between these two bitter rivals is hard to predict. They will both fight to the finish.

Kansas Jayhawks NCAA College Basketball Team: Kansas Jayhawks NCAA College Basketball Team. The Kansas Jayhawks were able to defeat North Carolina’s College Basketball team to make it to the Final Four. Many people said that it would have been much more difficult if North Carolina’s Kendall Marshall would have been able to play. Hawkaholics could care less. Hawkaholics know they are now in the Final Four and they will go up against the Ohio State Buckeyes for their chance to make it to the 2012 NCAA College Basketball National Championship game. Not everyone thought that the Jayhawks would be in this position, but Hawkaholics have confidence in their Jayhawks even when others do not. Hawkaholics saw their Jayhawks basketball team defeat the Ohio State Buckeyes College basketball team 78-67 on December 10, 2011 of this season although Jared Sullinger was not playing for the Buckeyes that basketball game due to back spasms. Jared Sullinger averaged over 17 points per game. Hawkaholics know all too well that their Jayhawks basketball team is in for a run for their money and Ohio State will bring their best game. Hawkaholics are counting on their forward, Thomas Robinson, to make things happen in this Final Four NCAA college basketball game.

Ohio State Buckeyes NCAA College Basketball Team: The Ohio State Buckeyes NCAA College Basketball Team was able to bump Syracuse to make it to the Final Four. Syracuse was the No. 1 seed and this is the first time that the Ohio State Buckeyes NCAA College Basketball Team has ever made it to the Final Four. The Buckeyes basketball team has their work cut out for them as they face the Kansas Jayhawks in the Final Four. Ohio State and Kansas have already played this season so they are anxious to go at it again. This 2012 Final Four NCAA college basketball game will be the Ohio State Buckeyes first appearance since 2007. The Ohio State Buckeyes college basketball team and the Kansas Jayhawks college basketball team will be a matchup of the big. The Ohio State Buckeyes basketball team is gearing up to stop Thomas Robinson which is easier said than done because he knows how to score and is great at rebounds. He has been a dominant factor for the Jayhawks in the tournament thus far. Ohio State knows that Sullinger is ready to face the challenge.

Kentucky Wildcats NCAA College Basketball Team: The Kentucky Wildcat was able to beat Baylor to win their spot in the Final Four. The Kentucky NCAA College Basketball team will be playing the Louisville Cardinals NCAA College Basketball Team in the Final Four. This Final Four NCAA basketball game will be a battle of two teams that are definite rivals. They have faced each other before and the instate rivalry continues on. Only one of the teams from the state of Kentucky will be able to play in the NCAA college basketball championship. This should be interesting basketball. The Kentucky Wildcats are in the Final Four for the 15th time.

The teams are in for the Final Four NCAA College Basketball Tournament and it’s time for Hawkaholics to find out if their Jayhawks will be in the Championship Game. Sportsaholic have watched weeks of great basketball teams striving to proceed from one game to the next to go as far in the NCAA College Basketball Tournament as possible. This anticipation of this coming weekend in New Orleans is high and Hawkaholics are hoping that they will see their Jayhawks in the 2012 NCAA College Basketball Championship Game Monday, April 2, 2012.

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