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March Madness Mania - College Basketball at its best


Gotta Love March Madness:

March Madness is just around the corner.  The countdown is on and the anticipation of selection Sunday which is scheduled for March 11, 2012 is the start of an exciting few weeks of 67 games of college basketball.  Everything about college basketball leads up to this time of year.  Conference tournaments are underway and the annual NCAA March Madness College Basketball tournament will be the center of attention all over the country.  It is time to find the college basketball champion team of 2012.

Selection Sunday -  March 11
National Bracket Day  - March 12
First Four  - March 13-14
Second Round  - March 15-16
Third Round  -  March 17-18
Sweet 16  - March 22-23
Elite 8  - March 24-25
Final Four  - March 31
National Championship  - April 2   

March Madness brackets are ready to go and it is time for the basketball games to begin.  Many people love to see the teams that have not played well throughout the season come in an upset the teams that are projected to win to advance to the next round.  There are other people that know their brackets could be totally messed up by one team having their game of all games.   College Basketball continues to be an epidemic and people who do not even think about basketball any other time of the year come out of the woodwork during  March Madness.  Both men and women show their love for their team and are glued to the TV during March Madness.  There are team supporting shirts everywhere. 

March Madness is a battle of the wills.  College basketball teams bring their best game and are ready to endure, show their abilities and skill.  The NCAA March Madness College Basketball tournament is when players are determined to go after that national championship.  The final four gets their adrenalin going.  Who will end up playing in Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas on April 2, 2012? 

People rank March Madness as one of the most exciting times of the year.  Extreme enthusiasm is in the air.  You can feel it just about everywhere.  The long time rivalry teams are hoping to get the chance to show whose best and the outcome of games often bring sadness to some and excitement for others.  March Madness brings out the best in college basketball teams. Nobody expects the underdog to advance to the next round, but March Madness unfolds many surprises.  Many people thrive on a national icon college basketball team being defeated by a low seed.   It is a great time to have some fun and enjoy the most exciting time of year in college basketball.  What other time of year could a sportsaholic watch college basketball from noon until midnight? 

It does not even matter that a lot of the NCAA March Madness College Basketball games are during the day and during the work week.  Walk in a sports bar, or restaurant with a television and there will be an NCAA March Madness College Basketball Game on and people will be supporting their teams, arguing, talking smack, and making excuses.  People are watching games online at work, they know where to go for lunch and dinner to see their game of choice, and as soon as they get home they turn the TV on to watch another game as well as listening to announcers talk about the games of the day.    This is do or die time.  If a team loses they go home.  There are some real fanatics out there who pay big money to attend one or more NCAA March Madness college basketball games.  They wear their team shirts proudly.  For a lot of people they do not care how much it costs because it is about the thrill.  Sportsaholic's do not find NCAA March Madness basketball as a pastime or hobby - March Madness is an obsession. 

Get ready for all the March Madness headlines, crazy upsets, buzzer wins, last year’s highlights, and everything else that goes with the most intense time of year in college basketball.   For some goals will be accomplished and for other dreams will be crushed.  It is time for the Big-Dance.  There is nothing else like it. 

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