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Our Stor(e)y

Sports-Aholic “Our Stor(e)y”

Sports-Aholic, Inc. began from a sorority house at the University of Kansas in 2005 and has evolved into the company it is today.

During the spring of her senior year at KU, Storey Pryor decided to give her sorority sisters at Gamma Phi Beta a gift to demonstrate her strong love for the University and her addiction to Jayhawk sports. She created a shirt that said, “Hawkaholic” on the front and “Recovery is NOT an Option” on the back. Her sorority sisters loved the shirts and wore them to classes and games. Greg and Michelle Pryor soon decided to expand their family business to give the sports world the shirt off their daughter’s back.

Sports-Aholic works with the finest licensed manufacturers to market soft and hard goods bearing the logo and phrasing suited to specific collegiate and professional sports teams. With each product, sports fans proudly display the depth of their love for their University, team and athletes, while at the same time providing financial support for their success through royalties.

Licensed graphic designs such as “Hawkaholic” have a strong, proven track record for successful retail distribution. Kansas Jayhawks administration supported the “Hawkaholic” concept wholly, and happily, nobody is recovering! The director for licensing and merchandising at KU, Paul VanderTuig, told Sports-Aholic, Inc. that administrators, coaches, students, and alumni have all offered positive feedback.

“A Hawkaholic is someone addicted to or highly in need of Jayhawk sports; like a chocoholic, shopaholic, or workaholic…..a true Jayhawk fan”.

Sports-Aholic’s positive mission financially supports the discipline and dedication of athletes who develop their abilities to compete at the highest levels of achievement. The diehard fans, (the Sportsaholics); join that mission through dedicated, visible support as part of their commitment to excellence for the teams to which they are addicted.

Through Sports-Aholic, you can provide fans another fashionable, bright and bold way for them to shout out their love for their Hawks, Horns, Huskies, Huskers or whomever they choose to never recover from.

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