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Products For A Healthier You

By:  Greg Pryorgreg-pryor.jpg

Living a healthy life can be difficult since there are so many people, products and pamphlets telling you how to fight obesity, carbs and other things that can lead you astray. But are all of these voices open and honest? Are the advertisements as good as they appear? The key to leading a healthy life starts with research and information to discern fact from fiction.

Eating the right foods for a source of vitamins and energy has always been strongly suggested to meet all the dietary needs of person, but this is not always the case. In fact, if one were to get the necessary nutrition and vitamins from their food intake alone, a vast amount of calories would have to be consumed, virtually negating the idea of losing weight. So in addition to eating the right kinds of foods, one must also exercise on a regular basis.

life-priority-lift.jpgEven though people know cutting back on the sweets and physical activities are the keys to living healthy, finding the energy to do so can be tough. Lift is one product that helps increase energy and fight weight gain at the same time. Lift uses L-phenylalanine (an amino acid that helps control appetite) to battle pesky late night cravings and aid the stomach in determining when it’s full. L-phenylalanine also plays a role in determining how happy or depressed someone is. So by using Lift, one also fends off depression and has a more uplifting attitude. In addition, Lift also has 80 mg of caffeine (same as a regular cup of coffee) to provide some energy, but this is not why it’s so helpful. The nutrients in Lift stimulate the production of noradrenaline, which is a neurotransmitter (messenger) that tells the body when it has enough nutrients and thus enough energy. By using the natural ingredients of Lift, noradrenaline and L-phenylalanine are increased to fight hunger cravings, produce more energy and lead to a happier you.

Now that you have the energy and the right mindset, getting the right amount of vitamins is essential. One Per Meal Lifeguard provides the perfect way to increase your vitamin intake in a safe and healthy way. It contains 44 minerals, vitamins and other nutrients designed to fend off free radicals within the body. Free radicals are a toxic waste naturally produced in the body and can lead to certain types of cancer, cardiovascular disease and aging signs and symptoms. Since they are produced within our bodies, regulating them can be a challenge but One Per Meal Lifeguard makes it easier. As people get older, their immune system weakens and thus they become more susceptible to illnesses, so take to the offensive. One Per Meal Lifeguard doubles as a source of vitamins and an anti-aging product. It’s the perfect way to continue the new and improved healthier you.

life-priority-joint-decision.jpgAs people become more active, wear and tear of the body begins to take place. Aches and pains are more common and joints begin to weaken and aspirin only masks the pain. So, the challenge becomes strengthening joints and doing so in a healthy, safe way. Joint Decision is a supplement that aides the body in producing more glucosamine. Glucosamine is very important because it enables cartilage to correctly cushion joint movements. Without proper cushioning, pain levels can be very high and bones can begin to rub together. This makes daily functions more difficult, but glucosamine can help. For people with osteoarthritis, adding a supplement that increases glucosamine may be beneficial to reduce pain.

All of these products were developed by Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw who have written three best-selling books covering the aging process, weight loss, nutrition and health maintenance. Durk was a triple major of psychology, biology and physics at MIT. He also minored in electrical engineering, chemistry and computer science. Sandy also excelled in her studies and she graduated from UCLA with a double major in chemistry and zoology with a minor in mathematics. The strong educational background of both Durk and Sandy has allowed them to create some amazing nutritional supplements like Joint Decision, Lift, and One Per Meal Lifeguard. Both of them worked tirelessly on their research because they wanted to create the safest, healthiest products possible. The things people put into their bodies is important and they should know exactly what goes in. Durk and Sandy list every little ingredient and possible side effect so as to help consumers to the maximum.

Maintaining a healthy life style truly is a chore. Exercising, eating healthy and achieving the right amount of vitamin intake is vital. Unfortunately, it’s near impossible to eat healthy and get all of the proper nutrients and vitamins. Lift, One Per Meal Lifeguard and Joint Decision are three products that help people live a healthier life. It should be noted they are not a cure-all and that they are meant to be taken in addition to eating healthy and working out. Nothing is more important than your health, so make sure to treat your body accordingly. To your health.

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