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Sweet 16 Calling All Hawkaholics


Hawkaholics Are Looking Forward to the Sweet 16

Hawkaholics were sitting on the edge of their seats and pacing the floor on Sunday night, March 18, 2012 as the Kansas Jayhawks were fighting to defeat Purdue to make it to the Sweet 16.  The Jayhawks were behind by 10 points during the second half of the game and Hawkaholics were beginning to sweat.  Hawkaholic fans are intense and support their team through thick and thin.   Purdue was making sure to put up a wall against Robinson because he will make things happen by making play after play.   Kansas came back and kept Purdue from scoring during the last minutes of the game and Elijah Johnson was able to steal the ball and score which ended up being the determining factor in the Jayhawks defeating the Boilermakers 63-60.  Hawkaholic fans were screaming and yelling and cheering at the game, in bars, at home, and anywhere else they were watching the game.  Hawkaholics did not want to miss this game.  Hawkaholics are now anticipating their next game in the "Sweet 16".

The Jayhawks played defense when it counted the most.  Hawkaholics were happy to see their team hold Hummel to four points during the second half since he was able to score 22 points in the first half of the game.  The inability of Purdue to score in the last two minutes of the game was crucial.  Hawkaholics are estatic about their team’s endurance and strong minded approach in finding a way to win when it did not look promising.  When it came to do or die time Hawkaholics know their college basketball team dug deep and played defense to make a steal and a shot that ended in victory.  Hawkaholics are very aware that March Madness brings unexpected and unpredictable outcomes.  Although the Jayhawks have been to the Sweet 16 many times, Hawkaholics are living game to game hoping for the best outcome.  North Carolina who is coached by the Jayhawks former coach, Roy Williams are also in the Sweet 16 and the thought of facing this team gets Hawkaholics even more excited. 

Now it is time for Hawkaholics to watch their Jayhawks play in St. Louis in the Sweet 16.  Hawkaholics are fully aware that their Jayhawks must be able to score in order to pass the test in the Sweet 16.  They found out in their game with Purdue that the inability to score could cost them the game even with great defense.  Their first six shots were no goes in their game against Purdue and Hawkaholics are ready to see the Jayhawks light up the board against NC State.  Many people say that the Jayhawks stole the game against the Boilermakers on Sunday, but Hawkaholics know a win is a win when the final buzzer sounds.  Hawkaholics are fully aware that they need a powerful shot making start against NC State and not a repeat start of the Purdue game this go around. 

So what can Hawkaholics expect against the NC State Wolfpack.  The Wolfpack has what it takes to guard the Jayhawks and have the ability to shoot and score.  The Jayhawks will not be able to take it easy at all.  Hawkaholics know their Jayhawks will need to bring their best game.  When it comes to the Sweet 16 it is no secret that there will be no easy way out.  NC State will be fired up and ready to go, but Hawkaholics believe in their Jayhawks and know they have the basketball skills to win this game.    Hawkaholics know that their Jayhawks outsize NC State on the inside and are counting on their Jayhawks to use this to their advantage in rebounding and scoring.   The Jayhawks have the ability to score all over the court and Hawkaholics love this about their team.  Hawkaholics are confident in their Jayhawks to complete this win against NC State but are also aware that crazy things happen during March Madness.    The Sweet 16 is calling all Hawkaholics to root on their Jayhawks in a victory over NC State in St. Louis, Missouri.  It is like having the home court advantage.  Hawkaholics will fill the stands and cheer in anticipation of advancing to the Elite 8. 

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