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The Magic Bullet For Losing Weight

I want to give you some insight on my personal plan for January and then I will discuss ways that you can help yourself get motivated to achieve things by increasing your mental energy and mental clarity.

Along with 17 other Kansas City Royals alumni, I will help host 73 Royals fans that will attend the Royals Fantasy Camp on Jan. 30-Feb. 4 in Surprise, Arizona. This is a thrill every year to enjoy time with fans who want to play the game we all love. But, it’s a very full and physically exhausting 5 days. The participants want to play along with the pros they watched and expect us to play at a high level even when we’ve been away from the game for a while.

On December 12, I set a goal to lose 20 pounds before the Fantasy Camp. .As I write this article on January 1, I am one-third of the way to my goal. It has not been easy. The program I put together to achieve my goal before Fantasy Camp includes:

  •    Improving my motivation and persistence
  •    Exercise
  •     Eating right
  •    Increasing energy


I am 62 and my life is not slowing down. If fact, it seems like it is speeding up. If you feel like your life is speeding up and you are taking on more than you can handle, you have two choices, work harder and smarter or cut out certain activities. However, if you are not satisfied with your job, your health or your financial condition, you may simply need to add more mental “persistence” to reach your 2012 goals. This can be hard to maintain though. As you embark on achieving your goal this usually starts strong…but as enthusiasm wanes and regular life gets in the way, motivation slides too. But there is a solution to help.

LIFTFortunately, I am part-owner of a company (www.lifepriority.com) that offers several dietary supplements that provide me with a boost of mental “persistence” that motivate me to reach my goals. One Life Priority product is an orange-flavored drink mix called LIFT.

 LIFT contains phenylalanine, an amino acid found in certain foods which acts as an appetite suppressant. Phenylalanine is not a fat-burner in itself, but it gets converted in our bodies to a neurotransmitter called noradrenaline. Noradrenaline turns on the fat burners inside us and, additionally, gives us mental energy. It is the brain’s version of adrenaline. If your brain has adequate noradrenaline, you feel bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!


No weight loss program works without some form of exercise. If you haven’t exercised in a while, start slow and easy. Don’t overdo exercise. Even former pro athletes have to exercise. Once you get out of the habit of daily exercise, your body needs time to return to form. Even the other Royals alumni at Fantasy Camp let out groans and complaints during exercise as they get back in shape or try to exercise and do the things they once could perform everyday (me too!)

To achieve my weight goal for Fantasy Camp I decided to use a unique, low impact form of exercise using resistance bands that attach to the thighs. Believe me, I wish I had used these when I played in the majors for more than nine seasons. Properly used, resistance bands WORK and they WORK YOU!  They are a great way to exercise. 

Prior to my workouts, I use another Life Priority Supplement, Muscle Memory, an arginine-choline-vitamin B-5 drink mix. The arginine in Muscle Memory is an amino acid found in certain foods that helps the body make nitric oxide (NO). NO is a molecule that allows more blood to enter muscles during workouts which can help maximize your exercise and, in turn, help with fat loss.

Muscle Memory can be used to really shift your body fat: lean body mass ratio -especially in conjunction with small amounts of peak-output exercise (exercises in which you raise your heart rate up for 20 to 30 seconds, and then you recover for 90 seconds).. Even if you don’t want to workout more than a few minutes a day, if it’s a peak-output type workout and you take Muscle Memory before the workout, I think you’re going to be quite amazed at how rapidly your lean body mass goes up.


I made a decision to minimize my consumption of “bad” food I’d normally consume because I wanted to satisfy my taste, hunger or personal gratification. When getting in shape and involved in exercise, you don’t want to consume a whole lot of fat because you may tend to burn the fat that’s coming in, but not get rid of the fat that’s already in your body. What I recommend is people replace the fat calories in their diet with calories from carbohydrates or protein. Fat calories in your diet are much more readily converted to stored body fat than calories from either carbohydrates or protein. Studies show protein tends to fill a person up so they eat fewer calories in subsequent meals. You can reduce overall calorie intake if they eat a snack high in protein.

Incidentally, the best way for your body to reduce the amount of fat is to maintain a constant body weight while increasing your lean body mass (your body weight minus the amount of fat you have in your body) through exercising and fat burning techniques. A kilogram of muscle burns a lot more calories than a kilogram of stored body fat. Fat is just sitting there sort of “idling” and not doing much of anything, whereas muscles are continuously metabolically active, even if you are just sitting there. You can lose fat by actually increasing the calories that you eat. You may very well increase the amount of calories you eat, because lean body mass has a much higher metabolic rate than body fat.

Increasing everyday energy...But not through energy drinks!

The top complaint doctors get from their patients is being chronically tired or fatigued. People lack energy.  Over the last few years the success of the sales of energy drinks that are way over-priced with minimal nutritional value has skyrocketed. I found some high-quality, research-based products in 1991 and I still use them every day concerning energy. In the December, 2011 issue of the Kansas City Sports & Fitness Magazine, I wrote about the products in an article titled, Brain Fuel, Your Secret to Success. The article goes into detail about how adequate production of neurotransmitters is so important to your success in anything. Every thought, emotion, including the drive to accomplish anything comes from the brain and is controlled by the neurotransmitters in the brain. What’s amazing is eighty percent of the population doesn’t even get the FDA’s recommended daily allowance of one or more of the essential nutrients needed to make these neurotransmitters. The article shows how your life might change for the better if you can leave the 80 percent area and get into the 20 percentile area. Go to http://www.lifepriority.com/ and read the article.

To sum up, success in life, in whatever we pursue, depends far less on IQ than on persistence. Your 2012 resolutions are tied directly tied to your persistence level. Simply, an increase in persistence is controlled in large part by your ability to have adequate production of neurotransmitters. I’ll achieve my Fantasy Camp resolution to lose 20 pounds, not with a magic bullet, but by increasing my persistence, exercising, eating right and increasing my energy! I’ll be back on the field in a few weeks! I can’t wait!

Please contact me if you want to discuss how Life Priority products might be able to help you increase your mental drive and persistence toward reaching your goals in 2012. Greg Pryor, who was a member of the 1985 World Champion Kansas City Royals, is the co-owner of Life Priority, Inc. He works with dietary supplement ingredient manufacturers and research-scientists to bring high-quality, research-based dietary supplement ingredients and formulas to the marketplace. See the whole line of Life Priority products at www.lifepriority.com. Contact Greg Pryor at gpryor@lifepriority.com.

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