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The Miracle Molecule

Improve your luck - Feed your brain 

By:  Greg Pryor

greg-7.bmpHaving a successful 16-year career in professional baseball was the result of being able to overcome negatives, learning from mistakes and working smarter and harder than the competition. During my playing days, my thoughts either helped me get to the next level, kept me in neutral or put me in reverse. When I was a ballplayer, I did not realize how getting certain nutrients in my diet would help my brain think more quickly and clearly. I did not know what a neurotransmitter was until I turned 42. It was then, in 1991, that I learned that using the right amount of essential nutrients in the right form could enhance my brain clarity and give me mental energy to cope with life’s challenges.

Overcoming Obstacles

In 1969, I was a walk-on sophomore playing second base for Florida Southern College in Lakeland. In June of 1969, FSC was playing in the NCAA Division II Regional play-offs in Tidewater, VA. Going to the tournament made me late in reporting to my Valley League summer league team in Harrisonburg, VA. After our team lost in the NCAA tournament, I returned to my home in Orlando. My dad handed me a telegram that read, “Team is set...Leading the league...Don’t report...Chuck Hartman, Manager, Harrisonburg Turks.” I was devastated since I had my heart set on playing summer ball in Virginia.  Fortunately, my dad told me to just go report to my team in Harrisonburg and act like I never saw the telegram. I followed his advice. Luckily, on my way to H-Burg a spot opened up on the team. I played the whole season and ended up winning the Valley League MVP award. Based on the confidence I gained through that experience, I went on to become a Div. II, 2-time All-American at FSC and wound up playing in the majors, including on the 1985 Kansas City Royals World Series team. I had many other obstacles to overcome during my career. I can’t give you the answers to how you can get over your obstacles, but looking back on my 63 years, I say a successful life is about overcoming obstacles. Let’s explore how you can help yourself by helping your brain overcome obstacles!

Brain Altering Substances

One of my first experiences with using nutrients to help me perform better was an accident. In the Carolina League in Rocky Mount in 1973, I chugged two cans of Mountain Dew before each game mainly because I liked the taste. I had no idea that I was getting over 100 mg of caffeine and almost 100 G of sugar in two cans. I am sure this very unhealthy soda had a role in helping me make the Carolina League All-Star team as a shortstop. My point is it is easy to get mental energy from “artificial” products, but the downside is not as good as using healthy products based on research to get better results and the nutrients the body needs. It is not getting any easier to keep the pace as life is speeding up and, as we age, the brain slows down and begins to shrink. People are drawn to mental stimulation from drinks such as coffee, Red Bull, Full Throttle, Rock Star, etc. and are popping pills from the QuikTrips of the world. We are looking for a way to eliminate mental fatigue and to avoid the dreaded afternoon “brain fade.” I suggest you use the info in this article to learn about how your brain works and to begin feeding it the right nutrients in a more healthy way. The right nutrients can help your brain become more of an asset instead of a liability.

 What’s Really Going On Upstairs?

Everything that happens in your brain...every memory...every thought...every emotion... every lnnovation...every “wow, that’s great!”...is a result of the release of neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are not drugs; they are natural substances made by nerve cells in your brain that transmit messages from one nerve cell to another across the synapse that divides them. That’s why they are called neurotransmitters. They are made the nutrients in your diet, but there is a very good chance even if you have a good diet, you’re not getting the optimum amount of the raw materials your brain can use to make neurotransmitters. In 1991, I found I could get the correct “raw materials” from the dietary supplements that I offer through www.lifepriority.com. The three most important neurotransmitters - acetylcholine, noradrenaline, and rdopamine - have been known for a long time. Acetylcholine is made by the brain from the nutrient choline. Acetylcholine is involved in memory and organization - the way you order things in your mind, the way you retrieve them in an orderly manner. It’s also involved in focus and oncentration. Alzheimer’s has been associated with a deficit of acetylcholine. This may be due to the lack of an enzyme that converts choline into acetylcholine or a reduced amount of choline altogether. People who suffer from Alzheimer’s are not producing acetylcholine in the brain. The latter are people who have suffered extensive damage to their cholinergic nervous system: they lose their memories, lose their focus and lose their ability to concentrate. Noradrenaline is nature’s natural speed. It is your “get up and go” juice. But unlike speed, it doesn’t cause free radical damage that burns out the neurons in your brain. If you have enough noradrenaline you’re full of energy, you’re excited, you’re self-confident. If you don’t have enough of it …you can be depressed, but you’re certainly going to be having less energy, less drive. You may just lose interest in doing most things. If you have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning and maybe even feel like you’d like to go jump out a window, except it is too much trouble chances are you’re suffering from an inadequate supply of noradrenaline. But in the case of people who when getting older don’t have the spring to their mental step they did when they were teenagers, it’s because their noradrenaline levels drop off with age. Fortunately, you can make noradrenaline from the nonessential amino acid phenylalanine. Phenylalanine is an essential amino acid. Inside the body, it is converted into tyrosine, another amino acid. Tyrosine is then used to produce dopamine and norepinephrine, both neurotransmitters. All of these elements are important because of their relationship to the central nervous system. You also need the help of some essential nutrients,specifically vitamin B6, C, and the mineral copper. A lot of people are deficient in copper; a lot of people aren’t getting the RDA of copper. So it is not surprising that the number one complaint people bring to their physicians is they just don’t have enough energy. And part of it may be because they’reonly getting six hours of sleep a night and part of it may be because they’re getting older and they’re making less noradrenaline.

The Miracle Molecule

You have already heard of or you will soon hear of a molecule made in the body called nitric oxide (NO).  NO, called a “miracle molecule” by many, is made from arginine. Arginine is found in certain foods. NO is a neurotransmitter. Acetylcholine, noradrenaline and dopamine have been known for three quarters of a century, whereas knowledge of nitric oxide as a neurotransmitter is much more recent. It’s important in learning and memory and the mechanism by which a short term memory is turned into a long turn memory has only been known for about 15 years. Nitric oxide is also involved in learning a new motor sequence. For example, if you want to learn to play golf you want to have plenty of arginine in you. Nitric oxide is also needed to allow your arteries to dilate, to widen, in order to allow more blood flow. This is the way your body is able to adjust blood flow to areas that need more such as muscles during muscular activity. If men would try the Life Priority product, Muscle Memory, they might begin laughing at the Cialis, Viagra and Levitra commercials. Muscle Memory, available at www.lifepriority.com, contains 6 grams of arginine per serving. It is great when taken 45 minutes before exercise on an empty stomach.

 Why Life Priority Products? When I turned 42, I began noticing the aging process. I began getting brain fade in the afternoons and I got tired sooner in the evenings. I thought I needed more sleep, so I slept for eight-to-nine hours. I still felt tired. I got the flu twice a year and I got mouth ulcers constantly. Luckily for me, I met two of the world’s most respected research scientists, Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw. They co-authored a New York Times best-seller “Life Extension, A Practical Scientific Approach,” that was written for doctors to help them understand how certain nutrients can help slow the aging process. While a student at MIT, Durk took three majors and three minors. His IQ was tested at 220, so I figured he knew more than I did about how to slow the aging process! As a retail customer, I decided to begin using several of the Pearson and Shaw Designer Food formulas that Durk and Sandy created for their own personal use. Their formulas simply changed my life so I decided to offer them to others under the Life Priority label. I feel great physically and mentally. I do not take flu shots, prescription meds and I have not used any antibiotics in more than 25 years. See the Life Priority ad in this issue of KC Sports & Fitness magazine. I have been offering the Designer Food formulas through my company, Life Priority (www.lifepriority.com) since 1994. The Life Priority products provide the nutrients that help make the neurotransmitters mentioned in this article are LIFT and/or LIFT CAPS (mental energy from phenylalanine and other co-factors), MIND (mental clarity from acetylcholine production) and MUSCLE MEMORY (nitric oxide production).

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